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  • Konnect Agency
    Konnect Agency

    Konnect is an agency with unmatched business acumen that provides public relations, social media, marketing and content creation services designed to elevate companies in the food & beverage, franchise, lifestyle and baby & children's arenas. Working closely with bus...

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  • DMA

    DMA knows business and what it takes to reach higher levels of success. As a full-service marketing agency, DMA creates efficiencies for your organization by taking your entire project from start to finish for faster results and reduced costs. As your goals are met you’ll ha...

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  • RMC
    The Reputation Management Company

    Salt Lake City, Utah based Brand & Reputation Management company that specializes in helping to delete and remove unwanted search content and results. In addition we help manage reviews, change the Google autocomplete suggestions, delete court results, and are the go to ORM...

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  • InternetReputation.com

    We are an experienced, award winning Internet Reputation management firm that specializes in online crisis management situations. We provide real, proven results fast. Internet Reputation requires cutting edge technology in conjunction with sophisticated SEM professionals. O...

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Public Relations

Expectations & Projections
PR Outsourcing by Industry

Over the course of our research we have found that many businesses benefit greatly from outsourcing a large portion of their public efforts to a dedicated agency. PR agencies are often more experienced than either hiring a PR professional internally or attempting to build a PR department internally.

The costs commonly associated with handling PR internally are often cost prohibitive and thus it may be easier and more cost effective to hire a PR firm. PR firms are often well versed in a number of activities and strategies which means being able to accomplish more rather than having to rely upon the knowledge and experience of internal professionals. This leads to more effective PR campaigns and more creative solutions.

Benefits to Outsourcing

The decision to outsource public relations efforts is often fueled by internal struggles or an increasingly important requirement that seems to be unable to be resolved internally. In addition, many find a number of benefits associated with outsourcing PR strategies to a PR firm. Among these benefits, many larger companies have found it to be economically advantageous in addition to being able to focus on the tasks that the company has internal specialization for.

Additionally, some companies may have internal resources capable of handling one type of PR task while lacking the specialization required for another. As a result, some companies opt to outsource part of the PR strategy.

Reputation Management Outsourcing by Industry

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to maintain a positive brand image online. Reputation management is becoming a requirement for any business which has communications with the public. As a result, many companies opt to dedicate resources towards managing a positive reputation among major search engines and social media.

While some companies may opt to handle reputation management matters in-house, a large portion of companies hire online marketing and PR firms in order to create and maintain a positive brand image in major search engines. This is due to the specialized nature of the task and an increased success rate from professionals which specialize in online reputation management.

Client Satisfaction of Recommended Providers

Through our research we have been contacted by and have connected with a large number of businesses which have used PR firms in the past or are currently working with a PR firm. We receive opinions from clients of both PR firms featured in our rankings and those which are eligible, but have not been selected for the rankings.

Our analysis has identified that the largest portion of positive feedback comes from the pool of recommended vendors when compared to positive feedback from clients of PR firms in the unranked pool. We also performed an analysis of reviews found on other websites and social media and found the largest positivity among those which are featured as recommended PR firms within our rankings.

Average Time Saved by Outsourcing

One of the greatest benefits a company can realize from outsourcing their public relations is the freed resources which would normally be allocated to such projects. In addition, time is often saved as a public relations agency has access to more tools and analytics than a company not specializing in PR would have.

It was found that companies of all sizes and structures were able to benefit from the time saved through outsourcing their public relations. Even in cases of crisis communications, time is saved by utilizing the knowledge and experience of a public relations firm in order to determine the next steps towards a positive resolution.

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Conferences & Events

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Each of the PR firms featured in our list of recommended vendors has showcased their ability to produce earned media campaigns with a high success rate and exceptional value. We take a multiple step approach towards the evaluation of public relations firms to ensure the direction of each firm is being guided by those with years of experience and industry insight for building a strong public image.

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