Published December 28th, 2015 by Fox Tail Editor

Important Qualities to Look For in a Good PR Agency

Friendly businessman pointing his finger at you Ready to hire a Public Relations Agency? Not so fast. Taking a few moments to determine which qualities really define a good PR agency can make all the difference in your long-term business success. Read on to find out some of the most important things to look for as you consider PR agencies. A Pitch That Captures Attention A PR firm that really wants your business will make that clear from the start. This begins with a pitch that captures your attention. Is the potential PR firm pitching at least one idea that really captures your attention? Something that makes you see the possibilities for your business? If so, there are probably more great ideas and strategies where that one came from. If a PR Agency can come up with something interesting and unique before they even know your business and your brand very well, imagine what they can do with some time and research. A Clear Way to Measure the Results A good Public Relations firm will be able to measure their results and make them easy for clients to understand. Ask any potential PR Agency exactly how they measure results. They should not only provide you with the basics such as tracking Facebook likes, but also the more in-depth results like tracking the growth of your email list and site traffic. When a PR firm is good, they will be able to show demonstrable success in a clear way. Experience in Your Specific Area All public relations are not the same. Each industry needs its own unique approach to public relations - and some businesses need an extremely specific approach since they have a fairly niche audience. This means that you need a public relations agent who truly understands your industry. Look for a PR firm that has worked with others in your industry before. That prior experience will benefit your business enormously since the agency will already understand many of the industry-specific things they need to know. A Relationship With Your Contact It is fairly common for a PR firm to send a high-ranking employee to do a pitch for you. Once you're signed with them, you may be working with another person entirely. It is important to ask the PR firm representative who makes the pitch whether they will personally be handling your company's business. If not, find out who you'll be dealing with. It is always preferable to have one main contact within the PR firm, regardless of whether it's the VP or the new hire. Having an established relationship with one person allows you to save time since you won't constantly have to repeat requests and questions. The Willingness to Teach While it is certainly the easiest thing to let the PR firm handle everything themselves, as a business owner you might feel the need to learn more about dealing with the media yourself. Ask the PR firm that you're considering if they offer media coaching for their clients. An experienced PR Agency knows that teaching their clients the skills they need to deal with the media on their own is beneficial to both the Public Relations Agency and the client.
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