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Comprehensive Methodology & Analysis Build your public reputation and image through a reputable PR firm.

Each of the PR firms featured in our list of recommended vendors has showcased their ability to produce earned media campaigns with a high success rate and exceptional value.

We take a multiple step approach towards the evaluation of public relations firms to ensure the direction of each firm is being guided by those with years of experience and industry insight for building a strong public image.

Investor Relations PR
1 Bensirri PR

Kuwait City,

Founded: 2008

Retention Rate: 97

Overall Score: 100

2 Andrew Edson & Associates, Inc.

Jericho, New York

Founded: 1996

Retention Rate: 94

Overall Score: 99.4

3 Andrew Edson & Associates, Inc.

Jericho, New York

Founded: 1996

Retention Rate: 94

Overall Score: 99.2

Celebrity PR
1 MediaWorks Resource Group

Los Angeles, California

Founded: 2001

Retention Rate: 98%

Overall Score: 100

2 FTI Consulting, Inc.

New York, New York

Founded: 1982

Retention Rate: 95

Overall Score: 99.2

3 Ruder Finn Inc.

New York, New York

Founded: 1948

Retention Rate: 97

Overall Score: 99

Multi-Cultural Engagement PR Agencies

The public relations firms featured in these rankings have an understanding of the intricacies and subtle nuances of creating effective media communications which span across a vast variety of regions and different cultures.

1 Agenda

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Founded: 1996

Retention Rate: 95

Overall Score: 100

2 Southwest Strategies LLC

San Diego, California

Founded: 2000

Retention Rate: 96

Overall Score: 99.4

3 Flowers Communications Group

Chicago, Illinois

Founded: 1991

Retention Rate: 97

Overall Score: 99.2

4 Hunter Public Relations

New York, New York

Founded: 1989

Retention Rate: 92

Overall Score: 98.8

Reputation Management PR Agencies

Reputation management agencies help their clients create and maintain a positive image in regards to the results and coverage of their brand through the search results found in various major search engines.

1 SalesOnline

Houston, Texas

Founded: 2004

Retention Rate: 76%

Overall Score: 100

2 Adcentuate

Miramar Beach, Florida

Founded: 2010

Retention Rate: 88%

Overall Score: 99.8

3 LinkTub

Los Angeles, California

Founded: 2011

Retention Rate: 85%

Overall Score: 99.4

4 iProspect

Floor Boston , Massachusetts

Founded: 1996

Retention Rate: 92%

Overall Score: 98.8

Public Relations

Expectations & Projections

Public Relations Agencies Spotlights
Pocket Hercules

510 First Avenue North
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

Pocket Hercules is an independent, full-service hybrid advertising, PR, content and digital agency based in Minneapolis. With equal parts advertising, public relations, content, digital, design and product development, we’re set up to be a lean, nimble branding powerhouse. We pride ourselves in creating innovative, tailor-made solutions to complex marketing problems that directly produce brand momentum and sales. As a small advertising agency and PR firm, our working model is simple, transparent and highly efficient: top-level talent works directly with clients which forges deeper part...

Konnect Public Relations

888 S. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, California 90017

Konnect Public Relations is a Los Angeles based public relations firm. We are a full-service, boutique PR provider specializing in media outreach for a large variety of consumer lifestyle products.

We distinguish ourselves by offering our clients much more than the services of a traditional public relations agency. Each PR campaign is carefully tailored to generate visible return on investment (ROI) and work with the brand’s budgets and predictions. By utilizing authentic measuring tools, we pride ourselves in always reaching the targeted financial goals and thus providing our clients with unbeatable results.

No matter ...

Crenshaw Communications

36 West 20th St.
New York, New York 10011

Crenshaw Communications was created under the banner “Creative Public Relations for a Digital World.” We are a team of conceptual thinkers, media strategists, and “connectors” dedicated to helping clients harness the potential of strategic PR and the power of the social Web to build brands and grow businesses. Our team has worked with high-visibility companies on a wide range of communication programs, including brands such as Verizon Wireless, Starbucks, Sharp Electronics and SHOP.COM.

Is your brand positioning relevant and current? Are you connecting with key customers and influencers? A strategic brand aud...


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